Redefining Excellence in Real Estate

Our vision at Hera Realty Group is to be the vanguard of the real estate industry, setting new standards for professionalism, responsibility, and innovation. We aspire to reshape the future, where real estate investments and developments are synonymous with progress and well-being.

Through meticulous market analysis and sustainable development practices, we aim to redefine the norms of the industry. We envision a world where every real estate venture we undertake becomes a symbol of enduring success, echoing our commitment to responsibility, seriousness, and balance.




We specialize in residential real estate, offering a distinctive and strategic approach to cater to the needs of homeowners, buyers, and sellers.


Hera Realty Group showcases a unique, well-planned, and comprehensive strategy within the realm of commercial real estate.

Market Analysis

Market analysis services are an integral part of Hera Realty Group's commitment to delivering exceptional real estate solutions.


Investment is at the heart of Hera Realty Group's mission. We understand that real estate is not just about finding a place to call home; it's also a strategic financial decision.

Enabling Dreams,

At Hera Realty Group, our mission is clear: we empower individuals and businesses to turn their real estate dreams into reality. We specialize in real estate brokerage, precise market analysis, and the strategic investment and development of residential and commercial projects. Our commitment to responsibility, seriousness, and balance underpins every action we take.

We provide expert guidance and unparalleled market insights to our clients, ensuring that their real estate endeavors are not just profitable but also responsible and sustainable. We believe that our success is measured not only by the projects we complete but also by the positive impact we make on the communities we serve.


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A Legacy of Excellence

in Real Estate

Hera Realty Group is not just a real estate company; it’s a legacy of excellence, built upon a foundation of experience, vision, and commitment. Established in 2023, we have consistently stood at the forefront of the real estate industry, leaving an indelible mark on every project we undertake.

Our journey began with a small team of dedicated professionals who shared a common dream – to redefine real estate. With a passion for creating sustainable, innovative, and community-enhancing developments, we set out on a path that has led us to where we are today.

Maura A. Padron – Visionary Leader and CEO.

Maura A. Padron serves as the CEO and Broker of HERA Realty Group, where she embodies the essence of leadership, innovation, and unwavering dedication.

A Global Perspective:
With a remarkable background that spans four countries, Maura possesses a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and a global outlook. This unique perspective informs HERA’s approach to real estate

Maura Alejandras’s tenure as the CEO and Broker of HERA Realty Group is underpinned by a dynamic blend of attributes: a profound global perspective, remarkable academic achievements, extensive expertise in real estate development and interior design, and a passionate commitment to the industry. Her versatility in communication, innovative approach, and steadfast dedication to excellence position her to not only make a substantial impact but also redefine the benchmarks of success within the commercial real estate arena.

Under Maura’s visionary leadership, HERA Realty Group shines as an exemplar of responsibility, seriousness, and equilibrium in the realm of real estate. Her holistic approach to leadership harmonizes a keen understanding of international markets, intellectual acumen, creative design sensibilities, and an unwavering commitment to ethical practices, creating a model of excellence within the industry.